Stealth Risk Occurring Inside Our Arteries









Inside anyone’s arteries, a stealth drama could be unfolding. Undetectable tiny pimply globs of fatty plaque are attaching themselves to the lining of the artery walls. It is unstable, capable of “bursting” free of the lining, without warning, rupturing the artery wall in the process, and strewing fat debris into the artery. This galvanizes the immune system to form clots, large enough to seriously block blood flow through the artery.  That causes the heart muscles into overdrive attempting to force the body’s needed blood past the blockage. Overworked for too long, the heart muscles burn themselves out – dramatically affecting the person’s lifestyle, possibly causing a stroke, and even ending life itself.


This is a drama played out in some 80% of all heart attacks. A sobering reality is that the triggers for these arterial explosions are unpredictable, and not well understood. Fortunately, preventative treatments exist to thwart and/or deal with plaque bursts. There are four parts to the treatments -- diet, exercise, stress management, and medication. All too often, the non-medication parts are simply viewed as lifestyle options from which the patient can pick and choose.


The author of the The Muscles of My Heart contends that until one understands the life threatening risk that unstable fat plaque represents, most persons are insufficiently motivated to adopt an attitude conducive to making the essential lifestyle changes. And therefore are at risk for the first, or additional, plaque bursts. Using the author’s own experience, the book seeks to provide the understanding necessary to adopt the attitude shift, and then provides a path for easily making the changes. Not just relative to diet and exercise, but also relative to stress management, where the author brings innovative self-help, including dealing with the stress our Interactive Society has created.






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The Muscles of  My Heart can be purchased at either the or  the Barnes & Noble websites. ( or, and can be read on PCs, laptops, tablets, and supported smart phones as well as Kindle and Nook e-book readers.